Ray Bradbury Quotes: Youre Out There Lespere Its All Over Its

You're Out There, Lespere. It's All Over. It's Just As If It Had Never Happened, Isn't It?"
"When Anything's Over, It's Just Like It Never Happened. Where's Your Life Any Better Than Mine, Now? Now Is What Counts. Is It Any Better? Is It?"
"Yes, It's Better!"
"Because I Got My Thoughts, I Remember!" Cried Lespere, Far Away, Indignant, Holding His Memories To His Chest With Both Hands.
And He Was Right. With A Feeling Of Cold Water Rushing Through His Head And Body, Hollis Knew He Was Right. There Were Differences Between Memories And Dreams. He Had Only Dreams Of Things He Wanted To Do, While Lespere Had Memories Of Things Done And Accomplished. And Thus Knowledge Began To Pull Hollis Apart In Slow, Quivering Precision.
"What Good Does It Do You?" He Cried To Lespere. "Now? When A Thing's Over It's Not Good Any More. You're No Better Off Than Me."
"I'm Resting Easy," Said Lespere. "I've Had My Turn. I'm Not Getting Mean At The End, Like You.
— Ray Bradbury —

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