Ray Bradbury Quotes: I Dont Know We Have Everything We Need

I Don't Know. We Have Everything We Need To Be Happy, But We're Not Happy. Something's Missing. I Looked Around. The Only Thing I Positively Knew Was Gone Was The Books I'd Burned In Ten Or Twelve Years. So I Thought Books Might Help."
"You're A Hopeless Romantic," Said Faber. "It Would Be Funny If It Were Not Serious. It's Not Books You Need, It's Some Of The Things That Once Were In Books. The Same Things Could Be In The "parlour Families" Today. The Same Infinite Detail And Awareness Could Be Projected Through The Radios And Televisors, But Are Not. No, No, It's Not Books At All You're Looking For! Take It Where You Can Find It, In Old Phonograph Records, Old Motion Pictures, And In Old Friends; Look For It In Nature And Look For It In Yourself. Books Were Only One Type Of Receptacle Where We Stored A Lot Of Things We Were Afraid We Might Forget.
— Ray Bradbury —

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