Jandy Nelson Quotes: Because Who Knows Who Knows Anything Who

Because Who Knows? Who Knows Anything? Who Knows Who's Pulling The Strings? Or What Is? Or How? Who Knows If Destiny Is Just How You Tell Yourself The Story Of Your Life? Another Son Might Not Have Heard His Mother's Last Words As A Prophecy But As Drug-induced Gibberish, Forgotten Soon After. Another Girl Might Not Have Told Herself A Love Story About A Drawing Her Brother Made. Who Knows If Grandma Really Thought The First Daffodils Of Spring Were Lucky Or If She Just Wanted To Go On Walks With Me Through The Woods? Who Knows If She Even Believed In Her Bible At All Or If She Just Preferred A World Where Hope And Creativity And Faith Trump Reason? Who Knows If There Are Ghosts (sorry, Grandma) Or Just The Living, Breathing Memories Of Your Loved Ones, Inside You, Speaking To You, Trying To Get Your Attention By Any Means Necessary? Who Knows Where The Hell Ralph Is? (Sorry, Oscar.) No One Knows.
SO We Grapple With The Mysteries, Each In Our Own Way.
— Jandy Nelson —

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