Ray Bradbury Quotes: Seemed To Me A Phone Was An Impersonal

Seemed To Me A Phone Was An Impersonal Instrument. If It Felt Like It, It Let Your Personality Go Through Its Wires. If It Didn't Want To, It Just Drained Your Personality Away Until What Slipped Through At The Other End Was Some Cold Fish Of A Voice, All Steel, Copper, Plastic, No Warmth, No Reality. It's Easy To Say The Wrong Thing On Telephones; The Telephone Changes Your Meaning On You. First Thing You Know, You've Made An Enemy. Then, Of Course, The Telephone's Such A Convenient Thing; It Just Sits There And Demands You Call Someone Who Doesn't Want To Be Called. Friends Were Always Calling, Calling, Calling Me. Hell, I Hadn't Any Time Of My Own.
— Ray Bradbury —

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