Beth Moore Quotes: Satan So Vehemently Despises What Christ

Satan So Vehemently Despises What Christ Has Done For Mortals That One Of His Chief Objectives Is To Make The Clean Feel Unclean. Oh, How He Desires To Stain The Beautiful Bride Of Christ. Satan Can't Make The Bride Do Anything, So He Does Everything He Can To Get Her To. How Is This Best Accomplished? He Tries To Corrupt Thoughts To Manipulate Feelings. Satan Knows That The Nature Of Humankind Is To Act Out Of How We Feel Rather Than What We Know. One Of Our Most Important Defenses Against Satanic Influence Will Be Learning How To Behave Out Of What We Know Is Truth Rather Than What We Feel. Satan's Desire Is To Modify Human Behavior To Accomplish His Unholy Purposes. Second Timothy 2:26 Tells Us That Satan's Objective In Taking People Captive Is To Get Them To Do His Will. If We Have Received Christ As Our Savior, Satan Is Forced To Work From The Outside Rather Than The Inside. Thus, He Manipulates Outside Influences To Affect The Inside Decision-makers Of The Heart And Mind.
— Beth Moore —

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