Michel Faber Quotes: Hey Non Dispera There Is A Way Out Come

Hey, Non Dispera! There Is A Way Out. Come To Beautiful Oasis. No Crime, No Madness, No Bad Stuff Of Any Kind, A Brand New Home, Home On The Range, No Or Antelope But Hey, Accentuate The Positive, There Never Is A Discouraging Word, Nobody Rapes You Or Tries To Reminisce About Paris In The Springtime, No Sense Sniffing That Old Vomit, Right? Cut The Strings, Blank The Slate, Let Go Of Auschwitz And The Alamo And The ... The Fucking Egyptians For God's Sake, Who Needs It, Who Cares, Focus On Tomorrow. Onward And Upward. Come To Beautiful Oasis.
— Michel Faber —

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