Charlotte Brontë Quotes: Georgiana A More Vain And Absurd Animal

Georgiana, A More Vain And Absurd Animal Than You, Was Certainly Never Allowed To Cumber The Earth. You Had No Right To Be Born; For You Make No Use Of Life. Instead Of Living For, In, And With Yourself, As A Reasonable Being Ought, You Seek Only To Fasten Your Feebleness On Some Other Person's Strength: If No One Can Be Found Willing To Burden Her Or Himself With Such A Fat, Weak, Puffy, Useless Thing, You Cry Out That You Are Ill-treated, Neglected, Miserable. Then, Too, Existence For You Must Be A Scene Of Continual Change And Excitement, Or Else The World Is A Dungeon: You Must Be Admired, You Must Be Courted, You Must Be Flattered-you Must Have Music, Dancing, And Society-or You Languish, You Die Away. Have You No Sense To Devise A System Which Will Make You Independent Of All Efforts, And All Wills, But Your Own?
— Charlotte Brontë —

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