Charlotte Brontë Quotes: Miss Ingram Was A Mark Beneath Jealousy

Miss Ingram Was A Mark Beneath Jealousy: She Was Too Inferior To Excite Feeling. Pardon The Seeming Paradox; I Mean What I Say. She Was Very Showy, But She Was Not Genuine; She Had A Fine Person, Many Brilliant Attainments, But Her Mind Was Poor, Her Heart Barren By Nature; Nothing Bloomed Spontaneously On That Soil; No Unforced Natural Fruit Delighted By Its Freshness. She Was Not Good; She Was Not Original; She Used To Repeat Sounding Phrases From Books; She Never Offered, Nor Had, An Opinion Of Her Own. She Advocated A High Tone Of Sentiment, But She Did Not Know The Sensations Of Sympathy And Pity; Tenderness And Truth Were Not In Her
— Charlotte Brontë —

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