Herman Melville Quotes: I Say I Can Not Identify That Thing

I Say, I Can Not Identify That Thing Which Is Called Happiness, That Thing Whose Token Is A Laugh, Or A Smile, Or A Silent Serenity On The Lip. I May Have Been Happy, But It Is Not In My Conscious Memory Now. Nor Do I Feel A Longing For It, As Though I Had Never Had It; My Spirit Seeks Different Food From Happiness, For I Think I Have A Suspicion Of What It Is. I Have Suffered Wretchedness, But Not Because Of The Absence Of Happiness, And Without Praying For Happiness. I Pray For Peace
For Motionlessness
For The Feeling Of Myself, As Of Some Plant, Absorbing Life Without Seeking It, And Existing Without Individual Sensation. I Feel That There Can Be No Perfect Peace In Individualness. Therefore, I Hope One Day To Feel Myself Drank Up Into The Pervading Spirit Animating All Things. I Feel I Am An Exile Here. I Still Go Straying.
— Herman Melville —

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