Kristen Ashley Quotes: We Had Pale Yellow Tile In Our Bathroom

We Had Pale Yellow Tile In Our Bathroom Rimmed With Thin Tiles Of White. I'd Dumped Tack's Old, Mismatched Towels And Added New, Thick Emerald Green Ones. They Were Hanging On The Towel Rack.
My Eyes Moved.
My Moisturizer And Toner Bottles Were The Deep Hued Color Of Moss. My Toothbrush Was Bright Pink, Tack's Was Electric Blue. There Was A Little Bowl By The Tap Where I Tossed My Jewelry When I Was Washing My Hands Or Preparing For Bed. It Was Ceramic Painted In Glossy Sunshine Yellow And Grass Green. My Eyes Went To The Mirror. My Undies Were Cherry Red Lace.
I Grinned At Myself In The Mirror.
I Lived In Color, Every Day, And My Life Was Vibrant.
I Rubbed In Moisturizer Hoping Our Baby Got His Or Her Dad's Sapphire Blue Eyes.
But I'd Settle If They Were My Green.
— Kristen Ashley —

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