Christopher Moore Quotes: Trust Your Faith Peter I Yelled If You

Trust Your Faith, Peter," I Yelled. "If You Doubt You Won't Be Able To Do It." Then Peter Stepped With Both Feet Onto The Surface Of The Water, And For A Split Second He Stood There. And We Were All Amazed. "Hey, I'm-" Then He Sank Like A Stone. He Came Up Sputtering. We Were All Doubled Over Giggling, And Even Joshua Had Sunk Up To His Ankles, He Was Laughing So Hard. "I Can't Believe You Fell For That," Said Joshua. He Ran Across The Water And Helped Us Pull Peter Into The Boat. "Peter, You're As Dumb As A Box Of Rocks. But What Amazing Faith You Have. I'm Going To Build My Church On This Box Of Rocks." "You Would Have Peter Build Your Church?" Asked Philip. "Because He Tried To Walk On The Water." "Would You Have Tried It?" Asked Joshua. "Of Course Not," Said Philip. "I Can't Swim.
— Christopher Moore —

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