Kristen Ashley Quotes: And Youre Also The Kind Of Woman Who A

And You're Also The Kind Of Woman Who A Man Sees Curled In A Protective Ball, He's Moved To Do What He Can To Make Certain That Doesn't Happen Again."
"Is That Why You're Here?"
"I'm Here Cause When You Come, You Come Hard, You Don't Hold Back But You Do Hold On And You Do It Tight. I'm Here, Because, When You Call Me Baby In This Bed, I Feel It In My Dick. And I'm Here Because You Don't Hesitate Throwing Attitude When Every Other Woman I Know Doesn't Have The Guts To Say Boo To Me. Seeing You Scared And Wantin' To Do Something About It Was Just An Extra Reason That Made Me Want To Be Here.
— Kristen Ashley —

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