Elizabeth Hoyt Quotes: I Must Be Getting Back To My Rooms

I Must Be Getting Back To My Rooms," Silence Said And Stood.
Mick Frowned With Displeasure. "Why?"
"Because Of Mary Darling."
He Shrugged. "One O' The Maids Is Watchin' Her."
"But If Mary Wakes She'll Want Me."
"Why?" He Asked Again, Biting Into A Sweetmeat. This Discussion Wasn't To His Fancy, But Sparring With Her Was.
"Because," She Said Slowly, Looking At Him As If He Were Lack-witted, "she's Only A Baby And She Loves Me."
"Babies," Mick Pronounced, "are A Great Trouble."
She Shook Her Head, Not Bothering To Reply This Time, And Started Marching To The Door.
— Elizabeth Hoyt —

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