Johanna Lindsey Quotes: Youve Already Slept The Entire Day Why

You've Already Slept The Entire Day. Why Not Take Over For Matthew Now?"
"You Really Think I Could Sleep With Your Eyes Devouring Me All Day?"
Her Face Turned Red With Rage And Mortification. That Faker! She Had Been Staring At Him At Various Times Throughout The Day. She Probably Had His Face So Memorized That She Could Sketch It Without His Being Present. But He Couldn't Keep His Knowledge Of That To Himself? He Had To Make Sure She Was Embarrassed Right Down To Her Toes?
But He Didn't Rub It In Further. At Least,she Thought He Was Done With The Subject When He Lay Down On His Seat And Turned His Back To Her. "Get Some Sleep Yourself," He Ordered. "You'll Need To Be At Your Best Tomorrow, Too."
She Was Just Lying Down When He Added, "And Keep Your Eyes Off My Arse."
Waves Of Heat Crept Up To Her Cheeks. That Pretty Much Guarenteed That She Wasn't Going To Get Any Sleep Until He Was Out Of The Coach.
— Johanna Lindsey —

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