Johanna Lindsey Quotes: They Hadnt Expected To Find Quite Such A

They Hadn't Expected To Find Quite Such A Large Gathering, However, And Anthony Couldn't Resist Remarking, "My, My, How, What Would Draw So Many Children To This Room In The Middle Of The Night, I Wonder? Jack And Judy Aren't Hiding Behind You, Are They? D'you Get The Feeling These Younguns Think It's Christmas Already, James?"
James Had Already Deduced What Was Causing So Many Red Faces, And Said, "Good God,take A Gander At That, Tony. Even The Yank Is Blushing, Damn Me If He Ain't."
Warren Sighed And Glanced Down At His Wife. "You See What Your Silliness Has Caused, Love? Those Two Will Never Let Me Live This Down."
"Course We Will," Anthony Replied With A Wicked Grin. "In Ten Or Twenty Years Perhaps.
— Johanna Lindsey —

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