Melody Beattie Quotes: Closeness To People May Look Like Scary

Closeness To People May Look Like Scary, Mind-boggling Business, But It Doesn't Have To Be That Scary. And It's Not That Difficult. It Even Feels Good, When We Relax And Let It Happen. It's Okay To Feel Afraid Of Closeness And Love, But It's Also Okay To Allow Ourselves To Love And Feel Close To People. It's Okay To Give And Receive Love. We Can Make Good Decisions About Who To Love And When To Do That. It's Okay For Us To Be Who We Are Around People. Take The Risk Of Doing That. We Can Trust Ourselves. We Can Go Through The Awkwardness And Friction Of Initiating Relationships. We Can Find People Who Are Safe To Trust. We Can Open Up, Become Honest, And Be Who We Are. We Can Even Handle Feeling Hurt Or Rejected From Time To Time. We Can Love Without Losing Ourselves Or Giving Up Our Boundaries. We Can Love And Think At The Same Time. We Can Take Off Our Track Shoes.
— Melody Beattie —

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