Jennifer L. Armentrout Quotes: Roth Grinned Then Anyway Back To Me Im

Roth Grinned Then. Anyway, Back To Me. I'm All Better And I Am Back. He Slid Me A Sly Look That Made Me Want To Punch Him Instead Of Cry Into My Pillow Like A Baby. I'm Sure I Was Missed. He Took A Big Bite Of The Hamburger And Grinned Around The Mouthful. A Lot.
I Didn't Know What Happened That Switched My Emotions So Fast. The Hurt His Rejection Had Left Behind Exploded Into Rage- Like The Head-spinning, Spraying-green-vomit Kind Of Rage. My Brain Kicked Off. I Wasn't Thinking As I Reached Over And Plucked The Hamburger Right Out Of His Hand.
Twisting At The Waist, I Threw The Hamburger On The Floor Behind Roth As Hard As I Could. The Satisfactory Splat It Made As Ketchup And Mayo Splattered Like A Gruesome Burger Massacre Brought A Wide Smile To My Face.
— Jennifer L. Armentrout —

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