Katie Ashley Quotes: Frozen I Stood Staring At Him Like He

Frozen, I Stood Staring At Him Like He Was A Vision Or Something. His Hair Was Still Damp, And A Few Droplets Glistened On His Face. When He Caught Me, Warmth Burned Across My Cheeks.
"Were You Just Ogling Me, Angel?"
"No, I Wasn't."
He Chuckled. "I Think You Were."
I Whirled Around And Swept My Hands To My Hips. "Fine I Was Ogling You. Happy Now?"
"Actually I Am. I Like It When You Look At Me Like You Want Me. Like You Think I'm ... Handsome."
My Brows Rose In Surprise. "Handsome? That Doesn't Sound Like The Way You Would Describe Yourself."
With A Grin, He Asked, "And Just How Would I Describe Myself?"
"Hmm, Sexy, Hot As Hell, And Panty Melting?" I Challenged As I Handed Him A Coke.
"Yeah, You're Right. Those Really Describe Me Better.
— Katie Ashley —

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