Lauren Oliver Quotes: Thats When It Happens The Moment Of

That's When It Happens. The Moment Of Death Is Full Of Heat And Sound And Pain Bigger Than Anything, A Funnel Of Burning Heat Splitting Me In Two, Something Searing And Scorching And Tearing, And If Screaming Were A Feeling It Would Be This.
Then Nothing. I Know Some Of You Are Thinking Maybe I Deserved It. Maybe I Shouldn't Have Sent That Rose To Juliet Or Dumped My Drink On Her At The Party. Maybe I Shouldn't Have Copied Off Of Lauren Lornet's Quiz. Maybe I Shouldn't Have Said Those Things To Kent. There Are Probably Some Of You Who Think I Deserved It Because I Was Going To Let Rob Go All The Way
because I Wasn't Going To Save Myself.
But Before You Start Pointing Fingers, Is What I Did Really So Bad? So Bad I Deserved To Die? So Bad I Deserved To Die Like THAT?
Is What I Did Really So Much Worse Than What Anybody Else Does?
Is It Really So Much Worse Than What YOU Do?
Think About It.
— Lauren Oliver —

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