Lauren Oliver Quotes: I Want To Help You I Say To Juliet

I Want To Help You,' I Say To Juliet, Though I Know That I Can't Make Her Understand, Not Like This.
'Don't You Get It?' She Turns To Me, And To My Surprise I See She's Crying. 'I Can't Be Fixed, Do You Understand?'
I Think Of Standing On The Stairs With Kent And Saying Exactly The Same Thing. I Think Of His Beautiful Light Green Eyes, And The Way He Said, You Don't Need To Be Fixed And The Warmth Of His Hands And The Softness Of His Lips. I Think Of Juliet's Mask And How Maybe We All Feel Patched And Stitched Together And Not Quite Right.
I Am Not Afraid.
Dimly, I Have The Sense Of Roaring In My Ears And Voices So Close And Faces, White And Frightened, Emerging From The Darkness, But I Can't Stop Staring At Juliet As She's Crying, Still So Beautiful.
'It's Too Late,' She Says.
And I Say, 'It's Never Too Late.
— Lauren Oliver —

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