Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes: Unless We Have The Courage To Fight For

Unless We Have The Courage To Fight For A Revival Of Wholesome Reserve Between Man And Man, We Shall Perish In An Anarchy Of Human Values ... . Socially It Means The Renunciation Of All Place-hunting, A Break With The Cult Of The "star," An Open Eye Both Upwards And Downwards, Especially In The Choice Of One's More Intimate Friends, And Pleasure In Private Life As Well As Courage To Enter Public Life. Culturally It Means A Return From The Newspaper And The Radio To The Book, From Feverish Activity To Unhurried Leisure, From Dispersion To Concentration, From Sensationalism To Reflection, From Virtuosity To Art, From Snobbery To Modesty, From Extravagance To Moderation.
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer —

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