Jamie McGuire Quotes: What Can I Say To You That I Havent

What Can I Say To You That I Haven't Already Said? What Can I Give You That I Haven't Already Given? Is There Anything Of Me That Isn't Yours Already? My Body, My Mind, My Heart, Even My Soul. Everything That Is Me Belonged To You Long Before This, And It Shall Be Yours Long After This. I Will Follow You Anywhere And Everywhere You Lead. I Will Keep You And Anyone Created With Our Love Safe From All Harm. From This Day On, I Choose You, My Beloved, To Be My Wife. To Live With You And Laugh With You; To Stand By Your Side, And Sleep In Your Arms; To Bring Out The Best In You Always, And, For You, To Be The Most That I Can. I Promise To Laugh With You In Good Times, To Struggle With You In Bad; To Wipe Your Tears With My Hands; To Comfort You With My Words; To Mirror You With My Soul; And Savor Every Moment, Happy Or Sad, Until The End Of Our Lives And Beyond.
— Jamie McGuire —

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