Jamie McGuire Quotes: Vegas I Asked His Brow Furrowed Unsure

Vegas?" I Asked. His Brow Furrowed, Unsure Of Where I Was Headed.
"Have You Thought About Going Back?" His Eyebrows Shot Up.
"I Don't Think That's A Good Idea For Me."
"What If We Just Went For A Night?" He Looked Around The Dark Room, Confused.
"A Night?"
"Marry Me," I Said Without Hesitation. I Was Surprised At How Quickly And Easily The Words Came. His Mouth Spread Into A Broad Smile.
"When?" I Shrugged.
"We Can Book A Flight Tomorrow. It's Spring Break. I Dont't Have Anything Going On Tomorrow, Do You?"
"I'm Callin' Your Bluff," He Said, Watching My Reaction Closely As He Was Connected. "I Need Two Tickets To Vegas, Please. Tomorrow. Hmmmm ... ," He Looked At Me, Waiting For Me To Change My Mind. "Two Days, Round Trip. Whatever You Have.
— Jamie McGuire —

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