Ashly Lorenzana Quotes: About A Month After She Found Out About

About A Month After She Found Out About That, I Got Pregnant For The First Time. I Knew I Didn't Want To Have A Baby At All, And Wanted To Get An Abortion. But The Day I Found Out, I Wasn't Sure What To Do First. I Felt Alone And Lost And Needed Someone To Call Who I Could Tell. I Needed Help. I Wasn't Sure If She Would Talk To Me Again So Soon After What Had Happened. I Decided To Take A Chance And Try Calling Her. When I Told Her, She Said, "Well, An Abortion Is Only Like $500, So Go Turn A Couple Of Tricks And Get It Taken Care Of," Before She Hung Up On Me. I Probably Should Have Called Someone Else, But I Didn't Know Who Else To Call.
— Ashly Lorenzana —

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