Nick Hornby Quotes: The Best Customers Are The Ones Who Just

The Best Customers Are The Ones Who Just Have To Buy A Record On A Saturday, Even If There's Nothing They Really Want; Unless They Go Home Clutching A Flat, Square Carrier Bag, They Feel Uncomfortable. You Can Spot The Vinyl Addicts Because After A While They Get Fed Up With The Rack They Are Flicking Through, March Over To A Completely Different Section Of The Shop, Pull A Sleeve Out From The Middle Somewhere, And Come Over To The Counter; This Is Because They Have Been Making A List Of Possible Purchases In Their Head ("If I Don't Find Anything In The Next Five Minutes, That Blues Compilation I Saw Half An Hour Ago Will Have To Do"), And Suddenly Sicken Themselves With The Amount Of Time They Have Wasted Looking For Something They Don't Really Want.
— Nick Hornby —

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