Lauren Kate Quotes: It Meant That When She Saw Him For The

It Meant That When She Saw Him For The First Time In Every Life,Daniel Was Already In Love With Her. Every Time. And Always Had Been. And Every Time, She Had To Fall In Love With Him From Scratch.He Could Never Pressure Her Or Push Her Into Loving Him. He Had To Win Her Anew Each Time. Daniel's Love For Her Was One Long, Uninterrupted Stream.It Was The Purest Form Of Love There Was,purer Even Than The Love Luce Returned. His Love Flowed Without Breaking,without Stopping. Whereas Luce's Love Was Wiped Clean With Every Death, Daniel's Grew Over Time, Across All Eternity. How Powerfully Strong Must It Be By Now? Hundreds Of Love Stacked One On Top Of The Other? It Was Almost Too Massive For Luce To Comprehend. He Loved Her That Much,and Yet In Every Lifetime,over And Over Again,he Had To Wait For Her To Catch Up.
— Lauren Kate —

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