Lauren Kate Quotes: You Will Have To Pass Through The

You Will Have To Pass Through The Announcer First. Don't Get Hung Up There. Move Through Until You Find Him In The Fall."
"I Have To Go Alone, Don't I?"
"I Would Follow You To The Ends Of The Earth And Beyond. But You're The Only One Who Can Do This," Daniel Said. He Took Her Hand And Kissed Her Fingers, Her Palm. He Was Shaking. "I'll Be Here."
Their Lips Met One Last Time.
"I Love You, Luce," Daniel Said. "I Will Love You Always, Whether Or Not Lucifer Succeeds-"
"No, Don't Say That," Luce Said. "He Won't-"
"But If He Does," Daniel Continued, "I Want You To Know That I Would Do It All Again. I Will Choose You Every Time."
A Calmness Came Over Luce. She Would Not Fail Him. She Would Not Fail Herself.
"I Won't Be Long."
She Squeezed His Hand And Turned Away And Plunged Through Darkness, Into Lucifer's Announcer.
— Lauren Kate —

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