Armistead Maupin Quotes: Two Days After His Twelfth Birthday A

Two Days After His Twelfth Birthday, A Fortnight Before His Father Was Jailed For Debt, Charles Dickens Was Sent To Work In A Blacking Factory. There, In A Rat-infested Room By The Docks, He Sat For Twelve Hours A Day, Labelling Boot Polish And Learning The Pain Of Abandonment. While He Never Spoke Publicly Of This Ordeal, It Would Always Be With Him: In His Social Conscience And Burning Ambition, In The Hordes Of Innocent Children Who Languished And Died In His Fiction.
Pete Thinks We All Have A Blacking Factory: Some Awful Moment, Early On, When We Surrender Our Childish Hearts As Surely As We Lose Our Baby Teeth. And The Outcome Can't Be Called. Some Of Us End Up Like Dickens, Others Like Jeffrey Dahmer. It's Not A Question Of Good Or Evil, Pete Believes. Just The Random Brutality Of The Universe And Our Native Ability To Withstand It.
— Armistead Maupin —

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