Kylie Scott Quotes: Im The Drummer For Stage Dive Mat Set

I'm The Drummer For Stage Dive." Mat Set The Crazily Expensive Camera On The Seat Beside Him. "You Can't Order Me Around, Child Bride."
"It's So Cute That You Think That's Still Funny, Calling Me Child Bride." From Her Back Jean Pocket, Ev Pulled Out Her Cell. "Am I Calling Anne To Tattle On You For Refusing To Give Jimmy And Lena Some Privacy Or Not?"
"You Wouldn't Dare."
Her Fingers Moved Across The Screen. "Oh, I Think I Would."
David And Ben Chuckled In Ther Manly Way, But Did As Told And Went Back Into The Recording Studio. They Clearly Weren't Messing With The Girl.
A Second Later, Mal Followed. "I Do Not Like You Women All Being Friends. This Is Not Okay."
"And You Should Tell Your Grilfriend All About It When You See Her Tonight. I'd Love To Know What She Says." With A Final Wave, Ev Followed Him Back Inside The Mixing Room Or Whatever It Was Called.
— Kylie Scott —

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