Kylie Scott Quotes: Therein Lay The Root Of The Problem

Therein Lay The Root Of The Problem.
Sharing Was Not In His Nature, But Nature Would Have To Adapt. Ali
needed This Kid. Finn Was A Modern Day Gunslinger. Deep Down He
fucking Hated It, But His Girl Needed This One Nice And Close.
Preferably Wrapped Around Her Finger And Deeply Concerned About
her Health And Happiness.Every Goddamn Minute Of Every Goddamn Day Would Be Best.
Daniel Did Not Want To Share Her. Not With The Kid, Not With Anyone,
not Even A Little. He Knew It Would Work, This Insane Idea Of Going
halves, He Just Didn't Want It To. He Had Only Recently Found Her And
she Was His. But He Couldn't Keep Her Safe On His Own, A Fact That Bit
deep And Hard And Hung On As A Pit Bul Would. How The Hell To
convince Her? What Ali Wanted And What Would Keep Her Safe And
alive Would Likely Be At Odds In This Case. She'd Accused Him Of
being Pushy A Time Or Two. His Girl Had No Real Idea How Far He'd Go
to Protect Her.
— Kylie Scott —

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