Kaylea Cross Quotes: Two Shadowy Figures Had Appeared In The

Two Shadowy Figures Had Appeared In The Distance. A Young Girl Led A Donkey By Its Halter, Chattering To A Child Perched On Its Swaying Back. What In God's Name Were They Doing Out Alone At Night? They Headed Down The Dirt Road Straight Toward The House Where Tehrazzi Was Apparently Holed Up. Every Muscle In Her Body Went Rigid With Denial. "Oh No ... " Had Dec Heard The Kids? Did He Know They Were In Danger? Could He Alert The Children Before The Air Strike? Not If He Hadn't Seen Them. What Should She Do? She Was Too Afraid To Yell Out In Case Someone Started Shooting, But No Way Could She Sit Back And Let Those Children Suffer. The Breath Shot In And Out Of Her Nose As She Counted Backward From Ten, Praying Dec Would Do Something So She Wouldn't Have To. Ten, Nine, Eight ... The Little Boy Laughed. Bryn Squeezed Her Eyes
— Kaylea Cross —

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