Sigmund Freud Quotes: The Ordinary Man Cannot Imagine This

The Ordinary Man Cannot Imagine This Providence In Any Other Form But That Of A Greatly Exalted Father, For Only Such A One Could Understand The Needs Of The Sons Of Men, Or Be Softened By Their Prayers And Placated By The Signs Of Their Remorse. The Whole Thing Is So Patently Infantile, So Incongruous With Reality, That To One Whose Attitude To Humanity Is Friendly It Is Painful To Think That The Great Majority Of Mortals Will Never Be Able To Rise Above This View Of Life. It Is Even More Humiliating To Discover What A Large Number Of Those Alive Today, Who Must See That This Religion Is Not Tenable, Yet Try To Defend It Inch By Inch, As If With A Series Of Pitiable Rearguard Actions.
— Sigmund Freud —

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