Laurie Halse Anderson Quotes: There Is Something About Christmas That

There Is Something About Christmas That Requires A Rug Rat. Little Kids Make Christmas Fun. I Wonder If Could Rent One For The Holidays. When I Was Tiny We Would By A Real Tree And Stay Up Late Drinking Hot Chocolate And Finding Just The Right Place For The Special Decorations. It Seems Like My Parents Gave Up The Magic When I Figured Out The Santa Lie. Maybe I Shouldn't Have Told Them I Knew Where The Presents Really Came From. It Broke Their Hearts.
I Bet They'd Be Divorced By Now If I Hadn't Been Born. I'm Sure I Was A Huge Disappointment. I'm Not Pretty Or Smart Or Athletic. I'm Just Like Them- An Ordinary Drone Dressed In Secrets And Lies. I Can't Believe We Have To Keep Playacting Till I Graduate. It's A Shame We Just Can't Admit That We Have Failed At Family Living, Sell The House, Split Up The Money, And Get On With Our Lives. Merry Christmas.
— Laurie Halse Anderson —

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