Sherrilyn Kenyon Quotes: You Want To Know What Im Afraid Of Im

You Want To Know What I'm Afraid Of? I'm Afraid Of Every Morning When I Wake Up That This Will Be The Day When I Can No Longer Move For Myself. I Know It's Coming. It's Just A Matter Of Time Until I Have No Choice, Except To Have Someone Else Clothe Me, Feed Me. Change My Diaper. And I Can't Stand It. (Adron)
Then Why Don't You Kill Yourself? Why Are You Still Here? (Livia)
Because Every Time I Think Of Doing That, I Can Hear My Family Praying Over Me While I Was In The Hospital. I Hear My Mother Weeping, My Father Begging Me Not To Die On Them. I Could Never Intentionally Hurt Them That Way. It Would Devastate Them Both, And While I'm A Pathetic Asshole, I'm Not That Selfish. (Adron)
— Sherrilyn Kenyon —

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