Julia Quinn Quotes: She Glowered At Him For Your Information

She Glowered At Him. 'For Your Information, In The Past Week, I Have Been, Oh Let's See, Nearly Raped,
kidnapped, Tied To A Bedpost, Forced To Cough My Voice Into Nothingness-"
"That Was Your Own Fault."
"Not To Mention The Fact That I Embarked Upon A Life Of Crime By Breaking And Entering Into My Former
home, Was Nearly Trapped By My Odious Guardian-"
"Don't Forget Your Sprained Ankle," He Supplied.
"Ooooohhhh! I Could Kill You!" Another Bar Of Soap Flew By His Head, Grazing His Ear.
"Madam, You Are Certainly Doing An Able Job Of Trying."
"And Now!" She Fairly Yelled. "And Now, As If All Of That Weren't Undignified Enough, I Am Forced To Live
for A Week In A Bloody Bathroom!
— Julia Quinn —

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