Paul Harding Quotes: That She Made A Point To Eat Only The

That She Made A Point To Eat Only The Gristliest Chicken Bits, The Burned Biscuits, The Mealiest Potatoes, While She Complained That His Children Were, Variously, Weak-minded, Hysterical Or Sickly, And Seemed To Imply That Such Afflictions Were The Result Of The Lack Of A Good Piece Of Steak Or A New Bonnet, Was Only Circumstance; Were She Installed On A Throne At A Twelve-course Banquet Table Teaming With All Of God's Creatures Brought From Both Air And Field, Trussed And Roasted And Swimming In Their Own Succulent Juices, She Would Heap Her Plate With The Most Exquisite Victuals And Lament That His Feeble Offspring Were The Way They Were Because They Had It Too Well And What They Really Needed Was A Vat Of Cold Porridge And A Tureen Full Of Dirt.
— Paul Harding —

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