Khushwant Singh Quotes: Indians Abroad Tend To Stick Together

Indians Abroad Tend To Stick Together. They Join Indian Clubs, Regularly Visit Mosques, Temples And Gurdwaras And Eat Indian Food At Home Or In Indian Restaurants. Very Rarely Do They Mix With The English On The Same Terms As They Do With Their Own Countrymen. This Kind Of Island-ghetto Existence Feeds On Stereotypes - The English Are Very Reserved; They Do Not Invite Outsiders To Their Homes Because They Regard Their Homes As Their Castles; English Women Are Frigid, Etc. I Discovered That None Of This Was True. In The Years That Followed, I Made Closer Friends With English Men And Women Than I Did With Indians. I Lived In Dozens Of English Homes And Shared Their Family Problems. And I Discovered To My Delight That Nothing Was Further From The Truth That The Canard That English Women Are Frigid.
— Khushwant Singh —

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