David Foster Wallace Quotes: But At The End Of The White Board The

But At The End Of The White Board, The Edge, Where You'll Come Down With Your Weight To Make It Send You Off, There Are Two Areas Of Darkness. Two Flat Shadows In The Broad Light. Two Vague Black Ovals. The End Of The Board Has Two Dirty Spots. They Are From All The Poeple Who've Gone Before You. Your Feet As You Stand Here Are Tender And Dented, Hurt By The Rough Wet Surface, And You See That The Two Dark Sports Are From People's Skin. They Are Skin Abraded From Feet By The Violence Of The Disappearance Of People With Real Weight. More People Than You Could Count Without Losing Track. The Weight And Abrasion Of Their Disappearance Leaves Little Bits Of Soft Tender Feet Behind, Bits And Shards And Curls Of Skin That Dirty And Darken And Tan As They Lie Tiny And Smeared In The Sun At The End Of The Board. They Pile Up And Get Smeared And Mixed Together. They Darken In Two Circles.
— David Foster Wallace —

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