David Foster Wallace Quotes: Under Funs New Administration Writing

Under Fun's New Administration, Writing Fiction Becomes A Way To Go Deep Inside Yourself And Illuminate Precisely The Stuff You Don't Want To See Or Let Anyone Else See, And This Stuff Usually Turns Out (paradoxically) To Be Precisely The Stuff All Writers And Readers Share And Respond To, Feel. Fiction Becomes A Weird Way To Countenance Yourself And To Tell The Truth Instead Of Being A Way To Escape Yourself Or To Present Yourself In A Way You Figure You Will Be Maximally Likable. This Process Is Complicated And Confusing And Scary, And Also Hard Work, But It Turns Out To Be The Best Fun There Is.
The Fact That You Can Now Sustain The Fun Of Writing Only By Confronting The Very Same Unfun Parts Of Yourself You'd First Used Writing To Avoid Or Disguise Is Another Paradox, But This One Isn't Any Kind Of Bind At All. What It Is Is A Gift, A Kind Of Miracle, And Compared To It The Reward Of Strangers' Affection Is As Dust, Lint.
— David Foster Wallace —

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