David Foster Wallace Quotes: I Dont Think He Was Used To Patients Who

I Don't Think He Was Used To Patients Who Were Already Aware Of What Their Real Problem Was. He Was Also A Bit Of A Pill-pusher. I Balked At Trying Antidepressants, I Just Couldn't See Myself Taking Pills To Try To Be Less Of A Fraud. I Said That Even If They Worked, How Would I Know If It Was Me Or The Pills? By That Time I Already Knew I Was A Fraud. I Knew What My Problem Was, I Just Couldn't Seem To Stop. I Remember I Spent Maybe The First Twenty Times Or So In Analysis Acting All Open And Candid But In Reality Sort Of Fencing With Him Or Leading Him Around By The Nose, Basically Showing Him That I Wasn't Just Another One Of Those Patients Who Stumbled In With No Clue What Their Real Problem Was Or Who Were Totally Out Of Touch With The Truth Themselves.
— David Foster Wallace —

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