David Foster Wallace Quotes: I Know That This Stuff Probably Doesnt

I Know That This Stuff Probably Doesn't Sound Fun And Breezy Or Grandly Inspirational. What It Is, So Far As I Can See, Is The Truth With A Whole Lot Of Rhetorical Bullshit Pared Away. Obviously, You Can Think Of It Whatever You Wish. But Please Don't Dismiss It As Some Finger-wagging Dr. Laura Sermon. None Of This Is About Morality, Or Religion, Or Dogma, Or Big Fancy Questions Of Life After Death. The Capital- T Truth Is About Life Before Death. It Is About Making It To 30, Or Maybe 50, Without Wanting To Shoot Yourself In The Head. It Is About Simple Awareness - Awareness Of What Is So Real And Essential, So Hidden In Plain Sight All Around Us, That We Have To Keep Reminding Ourselves, Over And Over: "This Is Water, This Is Water."
It Is Unimaginably Hard To Do This, To Stay Conscious And Alive, Day In And Day Out.
— David Foster Wallace —

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