David McCullough Quotes: Government Is Nothing More Than The

Government Is Nothing More Than The Combined Force Of Society Or The United Power Of The Multitude For The Peace, Order, Safety, Good, And Happiness Of The People ... There Is No King Or Queen Bee Distinguished From All The Others By Size Or Figure Or Beauty And Variety Of Colors In The Human Hive. No Man Has Yet Produced Any Revelation From Heaven In His Favor, Any Divine Communication To Govern His Fellow Men. Nature Throws Us All Into The World Equal And Alike ...
The Preservation Of Liberty Depends Upon The Intellectual And Moral Character Of The People. As Long As Knowledge And Virtue Are Diffused Generally Among The Body Of A Nation It Is Impossible They Should Be Enslaved.
Ambition Is One Of The More Ungovernable Passions Of The Human Heart. The Love Of Power Is Insatiable And Uncontrollable ...
There Is A Danger From All Men. The Only Maxim Of A Free Government Ought To Be To Trust No Man Living Wth Power To Endanger Public Liberty.
— David McCullough —

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