Christine Feehan Quotes: You Are Weak Savannah I Can Feel It When

You Are Weak, Savannah. I Can Feel It When Our Minds Merge."
"Stay Out Of My Mind. You Certainly Weren't Invited." Her Hands Went To Her Hips. "And Just For The Record, Your Mind Needs To Be Washed Out With Soap! Half The Things You Think We're Going To Do Are Never Going To Happen. I Could Never Look At You Again."
He Laughed. Aloud.An Actual, Real Laugh. It Welled Up Unexpectedly And Emerged Low And Husky, With Genuine Amusement. Gregori Nearly Leapt The Distance Between Them And Dragged Her Into His Arms, Grateful Beyond Imagining.
She Flung A Pillow At His Head. "Go Ahead And Laugh, You Arrogant Jerk." She Wished She Had A Two-by-four Handy.
— Christine Feehan —

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