Julie Garwood Quotes: Cole Clayborne Im That Transparent

Cole Clayborne: I'm That Transparent?
Daniel Ryan: No, But She Is. She's Always Looking At You Like She's Thinking About Shooting You.
Cole: *grins* It's Love All Right.
Daniel: How Can You Be So Sure? Everyone Who Meets You Wants To Shoot You.
Cole: We're Getting Married.
Daniel: Has She Agreed?
Cole: No.
Daniel: *laughs* Then How Do You Think You're Going To Get Her To Marry You?
Cole: *smiles* Ever Hear Of A Shotgun Wedding?
Daniel: No, But I've Got A Feeling I Won't Want To Miss It.
Cole: Good, Because Your Attendance Is Going To Be Required.
Daniel: Why?
Cole: Who Do You Think Is Going To Hold The Shotgun?
— Julie Garwood —

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