Ayn Rand Quotes: As A Human Being You Have No Choice

As A Human Being, You Have No Choice About The Fact That You Need A Philosophy. Your Only Choice Is Whether You Define Your Philosophy By A Conscious, Rational, Disciplined Process Of Thought And Scrupulously Logical Deliberation - Or Let Your Subconscious Accumulate A Junk Heap Of Unwarranted Conclusions, False Generalizations, Undefined Contradictions, Undigested Slogans, Unidentified Wishes, Doubts And Fears, Thrown Together By Chance, But Integrated By Your Subconscious Into A Kind Of Mongrel Philosophy And Fused Into A Single, Solid Weight: Self-doubt,
Like A Ball And Chain In The Place Where Your Mind's Wings Should Have Grown.
— Ayn Rand —

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