Nora Roberts Quotes: And You Just Had To Rush Right Over Here

And You Just Had To Rush Right Over Here To Rub My Face In It."
"Nope. I Rushed Right Over Here To Slap Your Face In It."
"A Rude But Effective Wake-up Call," Laura Commented And Earned A Shocked Stare.
"I Expected Better From You."
"You Shouldn't Have." Hands Brisk And Competent, She Affixed A Shiny Silver Bow To The Box. "If You Don't Want To Tell Us What Happened Between You And Josh,fine.But You Can't Expect Us To Sit Around Quietly While You Mope."
"I Have Not Been Moping."
"We've Been Cleaning Up The Blood Spilling Out Of Your Heart For Weeks." Kate Passed Laura Her Credit Card. "Face It,pal, You're Just No Fun Anymore."
"And That's All This Friendship Is About?Fun? I Thought I Might Get A Little Support,a Little Sympathy, A Little Compassion."
"Sorry," Laura Imprinted The Card With A Steady Sweep. "Fresh Out.
— Nora Roberts —

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