Joyce Vissell Quotes: Obviously The Choice Between Human

Obviously, The Choice Between Human Selfishness And Divine Selfishness Is Not About Leaving Or Not Leaving A Relationship. More Important Are The Day-to-day Opportunities In The Course Of Relationship. It Is Really The Choice Of Living From The Heart Or Living From Fear. And How Do You Live From Fear? Saying "yes" When Your Heart Wants To Say "no." Saying "no" When Your Heart Wants To Say "yes." By Not Listening To Your Heart (i.e., What Is Best For Your Soul), You Compromise Your Truth, And Cause Suffering In The Relationship. You May Be Afraid Of Hurting Your Friend. You May Be Afraid Of Losing Their Love And Friendship. Whatever It Is You Are Afraid Of, It Is Still Fear That Is Ruling You, Rather Than Love.
— Joyce Vissell —

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