Søren Kierkegaard Quotes: The Most Ludicrous Of All Ludicrous

The Most Ludicrous Of All Ludicrous Things, It Seems To Me, Is To Be Busy In The World, To Be A Man Who Is Brisk At His Meals And Brisk At His Work. Therefore, When I See A Fly Settle On The Nose Of One Of Those Men Of Business In A Decisive Moment, Or If He Is Splashed By A Carriage That Passes Him In Even Greater Haste ... I Laugh From The Bottom Of My Heart. And Who Could Keep From Laughing? What, After All, Do These Busy Bustlers Achieve? Are They Not Just Like The Woman Who, In A Flurry Because The House Was On Fire, Rescued The Fire Tongs?
— Søren Kierkegaard —

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