Robin Jones Gunn Quotes: Why Are You Crying How Can I Possibly

Why Are You Crying?'
'How Can I Possibly Look Good To You? I'm Pregnant! I'm Really, Really Pregnant!'
'Of Course You Are. Why Are You Crying?'
'Because I'm Going To Hawai'i!'
'Yes, You're Going To Hawai'i. Come On Now, Pull Yourself Together.'
I Kept Crying.
Darren Looked Frantic. He Stepped Back And Fumbled For His Roguish Smirk. 'So, Is This A Hormone Thing?'
'No, It's Not A Hormone Thing! I'm Old, Darren! I'm Old And Pregnant, And I'm Going To Hawai'i. Can You Understand How That Makes Me Feel?'
He Could Not.
How Could I Possibly Expect My Husband To Understand All The Bizarre Things That Happen To A Woman In Spirit And Flesh When A Friendly Alien Takes Over Her Body? He Still Couldn't Figure Out Why Laurie And I Wanted To Fly All The Way To Hawai'i Just To Spend A Week Lounging Around The Pool, Comparing Underarm Flab, When We Could Stay Home And Have The Same Conversation Over The Phone For A Lot Less Money.
— Robin Jones Gunn —

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