Arundhati Roy Quotes: Outside The Air Was Alert And Bright And

Outside, The Air Was Alert And Bright And Hot ... She Could See The Pattern Of The Cross-stitch Flowers From The Blue Cross-stitch Counterpane On Ammu's Cheek. She Could Hear The Blue Cross-stitch Afternoon.
The Slow Ceiling Fan.
The Sun Behind The Curtains.
The Yellow Wasp Wasping Against The Windowpane In A Dangerous Dzzzzzzzzzzzz.
A Disbelieving Lizard's Blink.
High-stepping Chickens In The Yard.
The Sound Of The Sun Crinkling The Washing.Crisping White Bed-sheets. Stiffened Starched Saris. Off White And Gold.
Red Ants On Yellow Stones.
A Hot Cow Feeling Hot. Ahmoo In The Distance.
— Arundhati Roy —

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